CoursePRO (Version 1.2.3)

CoursePRO is an application for students to use to easily keep up with all their student based activities like Courses and Assignments.

The main things it can do is

– Set Courses
– Set Assignments
– Notify You Of Upcoming Assignments

It has a clean-looking UI and the basic set ups however its a little hard to work out some things and calendar sync ain’t a function I thought would be implemented

As always basic to use is something I and I’m sure many others crave this here doesn’t bring that and requires visit to website just to work out functions maybe a toast with brief info on those top icons and a help section inside the app to explain it all.

I know most students are smart but some ain’t like myself that’s why I’m a student.

But I must say the UI is great maybe themes support is needed though a lot of people like to defy how there apps look inside like myself and this app is a great app for themes but still I find the current UI great for standard.

The Pros

– Notifications
– UI Clean
– Cool Report Card Feature
– Courses/Assignments set up

The Cons

– A little difficult to understand in my view
– No Calendar Sync
– A Widget Displaying Upcoming Assignments would be a great bonus

Last Word

This is good for a real student but personally I don’t see myself using this so often and for $2.99 I was expecting a little more.

Sadly this joins my huge pile of app uninstalls.

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s 1 Being Android Fail 5 Being Android’s Greatest)
**1/2 (2 And A Half)



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