Buzz Deck (BETA Version 0.8.0)

Right I know I told twitter followers there will be no reviews today but have you ever downloaded an Android Application and thought OH WELL I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS well that’s what happened when I was checking out the Apps Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2).


Its called Buzz Deck it says its in BETA stages but for BETA stages its awesome.

Now I said to myself I won’t review ADC2 apps until the ADC2 competition is over that what I don’t drive traffic to that app giving it an unfair advantage but when I used this I couldn’t help thinking what a great app.

The UI is almost perfect, make the toolbar at the bottom slide in and out cause it covers bits of the page a very little bit but it still bugs me.

The features and services are also great and even the Buzz Deck website looks,like an extension from the app but then I’m not a website reviewer so enough about that.


This does one thing and does it right

– Provides a massive choice of web-based sites which you can add (called cards)

For heavy internet users this is great its like a browser with that Android Hero look I know some love.

The Pros

– Notifications For Updates
– UI Wonderful
– Basic Options Available (Keep in mind its in BETA)
– Tons Of Services – Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, MySpace, News And Many More (See Pictures Below For All The Services)
– Easy To Use

The Cons

– Toolbar Hides Small Part Of The Page
– Add your own custom addresses

In Summary

Great UI, Tons Of Services and Ease Of Use makes this the best app I’ve seen of its kind a few tweaks are needed but knowing the stages of BETA testing being a BETA tester myself I know that’s to be expected and they do say BETA so I account for that on both review and rating.

Meaning I ain’t gonna rate low just cause it needs tweaking cause that’s what BETA is but when released outside BETA stages i have a feeling it will be one of those applications you tell your friends about and this is an app that will make any NON-Android user jealous.

Yes Iphone users I’m talking to you too…

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s 1 Being Android Fail 5 Being Android’s Greatest)
****1/2 (4 and a half stars)

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