ShootMe (Version 0.5.0)

This app is FREE on android market and allows you to take ScreenShots of your android directly on your Android.


This App is great it DOES need ROOT permissions but if you have ROOT permissions this is a good app for doing things like…reviews.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT root your Android if you really don’t know what you’re doing.
I’m not responsible for any bricked devices or problems that arise should you root your phone.
Rooting your Android voids your warranty so make sure you know what you’re doing.

It allows you to shout (yes shout) at your phone for about 1sec to get a ScreenShot of whatever you want a ScreenShot of.

The Pros

The Main Pro – Take ScreenShots
– Easy To Use
– Works Everytime

The Cons

– Shouting To Take A ScreenShot

In Summary

This is good cause it works all the time unlike another ScreenShot app but shouting at your phone is odd and something I wouldn’t do in public.

3 set off Ideas I suggest are

– Timer
– Shake
– Button Press (G1 – Camera Button, Magic and Hero etc. – Long Press Search)

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s 1 Being Android Fail 5 Being Android’s Greatest)
**** (4 stars)

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