Backgrounds (Version 1.9.8)

Backgrounds is an application that allows you to browse wallpapers perfectly formatted for your android device.


Its Ad-Supported on free but I must say the ad is placed great at least on the start screen not so much on the picture view screen.

Now a feature I pointed out last review has been implemented so I think maybe the den saw my review but Version 1.9.8 allows saving to SD card which makes this so much sweeter.

The UI is still good but I still think swipe or shake to goto next page would be better.

A New Feature I’ve stumbled across and find awesome is frames which allows you to place your picture in the pre-set frames and create some cool/funny pictures (I’ve put myself in the frames See ScreenShots feel free to laugh at the baby one haha)

The Pros

– Save To SD
– Funky Frames
– Browse By Categories
– Set As Wallpaper
– Set As Contact Picture
– Slideshows
– Favoritize Your Pictures
– Easy To Use
– UI Good
– Massive Collection Of Images (The most I’ve seen on Android Wallpaper Apps)

The Cons

– Search Returns No Results Almost Always
– Ads Ruin Viewing Larger

In Summary

This app seems to be getting better with save to SD implemented as well as frames but better ad placing when viewing pictures as well as a better search cause it almost always says No Results (see ScreenShots below).

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s 1 Being Android Fail 5 Being Android’s Greatest)
***** (5 STARS)

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