3G Watchdog (Version 0.13.1)

Alright this was a twitter requested review but one that’s been asked about before.

See this is the application that has been in most of my reviews, yes that icon in the notification bar is this application.


3G Watchdog is a data counter used to keep track of internet usage.

This is useful if you are on a data plan like myself and by far the most accurate I’ve used.

Developer’s Website


The Pros

– Alerts For Data Usage
– Great Notification Set Out
– Easy To Use
– Accurate

The Cons

– Select form of data e.g MB, GB, KB (it once had this but its gone in this Version)

In Summary

This is the most accurate data counter I’ve used, the lack of choice for data usage puts that dent for the 5th star, besides that its perfect and an app I’ve used since early development.

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s: 1 – Android Fail, 5 – Android Elite)
****1/2 (4 and a half stars)

Direct Download

3G Watchdog Version 0.13.1

My Question To Review Readers (Leave A Comment With Your Answer)

What percentage do you like to set your warning alert to?



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