How to EASILY root your Android

I’ve been asked by a few people how do you obtain root.

I will put the method I used on my HTC Magic (32B) here for you all and those game enough are welcome to test it on other devices.


Also HTC Magics are split into groups there is those who will have 32B and those who will have 32A so find out what yours is before doing this as some ROMs ain’t compatible with the two different groups.

If you test the method below on a device that ain’t a HTC Magic 32B and it works leave a comment and tell me so I can tell others here, DON’T leave a comment if you messed up your phone cause of this.

Your doing this at YOUR OWN RISK I ain’t forcing you I can’t stress that enough (but I will).

Now I must tell you, you risk bricking your device which normally means its useless and unusable and if you root you void your warranty instantly in most countries.

If you understand everything above move on to what’s below…one more time – at your own risk.

  1. Download Astro File Manager by Clicking Here
  2. Download Flash Recovery by Clicking Here
  3. Download A ROM I recommend Cyanogen for beginners just Google “Cyanogen ROM”.
  4. Back up your data, I recommend backing up everything including all your content on your SD.
  5. Install Flash Recovery using Astro File Manager (should be located under downloads folder on your SD Card).
  6. Open Flash Recovery.
  7. Click Flash Cyanogen 1.4 then wait till it says complete.
  8. Ensure the ROM you choose in step 3 is on your SD card and not in a folder on your SD it has to be on the SD card to be visible on recovery.
  9. Rename the ROM (using Astro file manager on the market) to “FHL09”.
  10. Switch off your phone…breath deeply 3 times (at least I did, who knows it might bring luck).
  11. Your phone should now be off and nothing on-screen.
  12. Now hold down Home (the button that looks like a house) and hold down power both at the same time and don’t release until your phone displays a picture on-screen (normally your service provider).
  13. After that a menu with the android robot type logo in the background will display (if you get an image with a “!” In the middle of a triangle your phone AIN’T bricked however you will have to pull the battery out, put it back in, power on your device and restart from step 6 and follow the instructions CAREFULLY).
  14. If you’re looking at this you must be passed step 13, from now on is the easy part (shocking huh).
  15. Select Nandroid Backup and press home button then wait till it completes (this here is to get back stock super easy if you don’t like root).
  16. Select “Apply sdcard:choose zip” and pick “FHL09” from the list then wait till it installs it should say complete.
  17. Now click reboot or restart (its at the very top of the list).

All Done, Welcome to the world of Root

The first start-up does take time and will after every flash of a ROM, further restarts will be faster.

If you try root and it’s not for you and you want stock back its easy if you followed step 15 above.

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Hold down Home and Power at the same time release upon screen appearing.
  3. Select restore Nandroid backup and wait till its complete.
  4. Now click reboot or restart (its at the very top of the list).

Done, you will now have stock and would have lost root fully and need to start from step 1 in the first lot of steps above to gain it again should you want root back.

6 thoughts on “How to EASILY root your Android

  1. No & I doubt it will work now this is old but if you want to risk it you canhowever I strongly suggest not risking it the x10 is too great of a deviceto risk bricking

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