Froyo next in Android dessert line?

Vladislav Savov from says in a post that the next Android update will be codename Froyo and not the expected Flan as most thought it would be.

Here is what Vladislav Savov said:

Proving once again that those who don’t watch The Engadget Show are always going to be one step behind those who do, our latest star guest Erick Tseng has dropped a dollop of exclusive wisdom on us: Android’s next big iteration will be known as Froyo. That’s short for “frozen yogurt” and fits right in line with the zany naming scheme that has delivered us Cupcakes, Donuts, and Eclairs so far. If you had your money on Flan being next in that alphabetical order, sorry to disappoint. No additional info could be squeezed out of the Google man at present — such as how much further along Froyo will be from Android 2.1 (technically considered part of Eclair) or when we might expect the upgrade — but we’ve got a name and that should be plenty to get us started on another wonderful journey of soothsaying and speculation.

All i can say is Flan sounded so much better but Froyo looks so yum.

For those wondering what will be included in the new Froyo update keep wondering as no information has been given apart from the codename.

Now i wonder what G will be?

Original post from Vladislav Savov – Next Android version will be called Froyo, says Erick Tseng

Image taken from – http://www.sacmag.com

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