Develop Live Wallpapers

The guys at android-developers recently posted a article i thought would be of interest to developers and that was a small write up (or guide if you will) on how to make live wallpapers, here is some of what they said

Creating your own live wallpaper is easy, especially if you have had previous experience with SurfaceView or Canvas. To learn how to create a live wallpaper, you should check out the CubeLiveWallpaper sample provided with the Android 2.1 SDK; you will find it in the directory platforms/android-2.1/samples/CubeLiveWallpaper.

Full coding as well as the full article can be found at

This was of massive interest to me as I have used a few live wallpapers and i must say they are fine piece of work and i can’t wait to see more of them now this information is released.

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