Thank You AbsolutelyAndroid Readers/Supporters

It is with deep regret I tell the loyal fans that is no longer an active site (may not be news to many as its been inactive since around December 2011 but wanted to make it officially public).

This choice is one I didn’t want to take but after attempts to try keep up with the competition failed, I had to face the hard fact that after over 2 years in the game I had to fall to the competition such as another New Zealand based Android site AndroidMobileNZ & US based site

Far more was achieved than I could ever dream, I got to talk directly to big names such as Cyanogen, JaiThemes & even at one stage was talking directly to a Google Rep which for a Kiwi lad like me is pretty big!

Of course it goes without saying there was problems but I don’t want to really focus on the problems…

But for my first run at maintaining & managing a site with the amount of supporters AbsoluetlyAndroid had, well if you asked me at the start if I could manage & maintain a site at the way AbsolutelyAndroid was stats wise I would have laughed & said yeah right, but then at that time I wasn’t fully aware that the Android community was so awesome, so giving, so understanding & so helpful, it was the community that made the site what it really was, trust me I mean that!

If you were to ask me if I would do it all over again if I had big pockets & little competition, I would say in a heartbeat!

My memories with Android to date fun-wise were at there highest when the site was running, I won’t ever forget some the memories I obtained while running the site because those memories are some of the best memories of my life!

  • Interviewing Cyanogen.
  • Tiny-Chatting with an AWESOME Android Community.
  • Long phone calls into the night with Michael, Gary & Cara (to name a few)
  • Tweeting with many at a time.
  • Making new friends.
  • Having the best supporters one could ask for!

Not to mention the accolades we ranked up…

  • The first Android site founded by a Kiwi.
  • One of the most visited Android sites for quite sometime when it was at its prime.
  • One of the highest followed Android sites out there on Twitter & Facebook (sadly when Google+ opened for pages AbsolutelyAndroid was to far gone to make an impact there but I am sure with the great supporters we had if I was to have made a page for the site it would have been easily achievable to be most circled Android Site on Google+, I am confidant in saying that because I know exactly how amazing our supporters were!)
  • Currently one of the only Android sites (if not the only) started in New Zealand that had more supporters in the US & UK than it did in New Zealand (I would have loved more Kiwi support but to be highly noticed over the other side of the world is something I consider a big deal considering when I started AbsolutelyAndroid my target audience was New Zealanders)!
  • The best supporters/community of any website out there! (This one isn’t based on actual fact but I am confidant in saying this…)

But anyway as I was saying sure for the main part the community helped but there was of course people behind the scenes who played a pretty major role in making the site what it was & helping me from going crazy alone (see these people joined me in going crazy!)

First of Michael Lipson, he was the guy who maintained the site, kept it from going down and had great ideas for how to keep up with the play.

Michael is now a good mate of mine and I truly appreciate him, respect him, admire him and highly recommend him for any web related task.

Next is Gary LaTraille, he was the one I called on when I needed help which was more often than I let on, Gary is a great friend and helped out a lot both on the site and off the site.

Gary was alongside me way back when the site started and he never gave up on it or me and for that I have to thank him.

Marc Havermans, he was the great guy who provided the hosting free of charge, that doesn’t come cheap and for that I am grateful and happy to call Marc a friend, so Thank You Marc.

The writers who came and went from the team (There were a few), I admit my management skills sucked at best, kinda big part where Gary stepped up, but those who did write for the site and for the readers I appreciate a lot, I can’t recall everyone as there were a lot but thanks to all those who made an effort.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Medieval Software who was AbsolutelyAndroid’s first & main partner.

I would also like to thank the other companies who had some sort of partnership/friendship with the site.

I cherish every one of you, honestly I do!

I know some may feel people are missing, individuals that should be mentioned but haven’t been, this isn’t done on purpose, if I have missed you it’s either due to you not being real (a.k.a fake) or it was an honest mistake & for most it will be an honest mistake, if I have missed you & you want me to post a little something, something about you leave a comment & I will be happy to do so!

Lastly I wanna thank you, the ones who followed the links when they were tweeted/posted on Facebook.

Those who let their voices echo (sometimes harshly, not saying it wasn’t warranted).

Those who made the site truly what it was.

A million writers could write a post each every minute but without a fan base to read it, it’s more of less like standing in a forest shouting.

Many take the fan base for granted, I tried hard to embrace them.

I listened to demands of many, tried to respond to everyone on all forms (comments, Twitter, Facebook).

I did zero advertising cause I know how much it was hated among three community but had to have it return to trying earn money which was put back into the site in forms of contests and making it work well.

The entire time the site was running I spent more on the site than I actually earned & have to say now if you go into running a website with the idea its a good way to get rich quick you’re in the wrong game, even at its peak AbsolutelyAndroid was costing more than it was generating & I honestly didn’t care, the user support, the loyalty & the friendships made mean more to me than any amount of money ever could!

So aside the rambling thank you to the thousands who were following the site on Twitter, the hundreds who liked the site on Facebook and the 10’s of thousands who read the hundreds of articles that the talented writers and myself wrote for the readers.

The friends gained, the readers satisfied, the supporters supporting made the constant late nights and money spent worth it all.

I really hope I can keep those who became fans and see them here on my personal site from time to time, after all this is were AbsolutelyAndroid was born, it started off as FHL09.WordPress.Com and with the vision of myself, Gary, Michael & Marc bloomed into a full on, self hosted site that generated the best fan base one could ask for.

This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on Android, I still defend and support that like a trooper, I just no longer have the time or money to support a site that was of the standard AbsolutelyAndroid was.

You will still see me around the Android Community, here are some links of great Places you can find me.






If you google FHL09 you will find a few sites with me as that there is my handle I use almost everywhere.

Please if you were a fan if AbsolutelyAndroid become a fan of my site here, I may not post much but I can promise this will remain for the life of WordPress or Myself.

Also feel free to leave comments below sharing your best memories of AbsolutelyAndroid, I honestly look forward to seeing your comments & promise I will take time to personally respond to each & every comment posted on this article!

Thanks again everyone for the support and look forward to seeing what the following years bring alongside the many supporters I hope join me.

To all the supporters of AbsolutelyAndroid, My Friends both near & far, My Family who understood & respected being ignored in favor of a website, the entire Android community as a whole & even to my enemies & the competition who drove me to being the best I can be, I say this with my hand on my heart (figuratively speaking) & almost watery eyes (I am a man!)…I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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