Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks


  1. Quick Tips
  2. Cool Bass Vibration Tip
  3. User Submitted Tips (Updated 20-3-13)
  4. Famous Last Words

1. Quick Tips

  • Take screen shots regardless of if you are rooted or not by holding the power button and pressing menu key simultaneously.
  • Hold down the left-most soft key (next to home button) in almost any app to open search for that app.
  • Long press (with your finger) any blank space on your home-screen to add widgets.
  • Keep your screen on when you are using your device with Smart Stay (Settings>Display>Check Smart Stay).
  • Customize your font for a personal touch (Settings>Display>Font Style).
  • Keep your device secure with 5 awesome lock-screen options (Settings>Lock screen>Screen lock).
  • See what apps are using your precious RAM with Apps Manager (Settings>Applications manager>Slide right).
  • See exactly what’s using your device memory with Storage (Settings>Storage).
  • Hold down the main home button to see the apps you’ve most recently ran & simply swipe them away to remove them.
  • Follow some of the official Samsung Accounts on Twitter; @SamsungMobileUS @SamsungMobile @SamsungSupport @Samsungtweets.

2. Cool Bass Vibration Tip

Here’s a really cool tip to turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 into a Bass Vibration machine, this requires patience & careful reading & please don’t steal this as your idea if you want to share this tip please share this article!

  1. Ensure your Samsung Galaxy has Auto Haptic under Settings>Sound>Auto Haptic before commencing with this tutorial.
  2. Turn on Auto Haptic (Slide the switch).
  3. Download PowerAmp ( The unlocker is also highly recommended if you want to use this bass feature after the 15 day trial (
  4. Go back to Auto Haptic (Settings>Sound>Auto Haptic) and tap the words Auto Haptic, a menu will open with apps compatible with Auto Haptic.
  5. Ensure PowerAmp is ticked in that selection screen & return to the home screen.
  6. Open PowerAmp & play any random song, you may instantly feel the vibration but we ain’t done!
  7. Ensure your Media Volume is TWO down (use the volume key on the side & press down twice from full volume).
  8. You will now have the perfect bass vibration that will make vibration work when bass kicks in, if you have it full volume it tends to pick up false vibrations from the bass.
  9. Enjoy hearing AND feeling your music & remember please don’t leech this idea as your own instead spread the word & tell friends to come check out the instructions here.

3. User Submitted Tips

Nothing here yet!

4. Famous Last Words

A really good reason for sharing this article is if there is any trouble I am always here to reply to comments on this article to help you troubleshoot the issue if possible, you won’t get my support for troubleshooting outside this article unless it’s on my official Twitter account (@FHL09).

Remember to have your tips along with credit included right here in this article leave a comment with your tip & please include a link to credit you in the comment section below!

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