Smackdown VS Raw 2011 – Ultimate Guide!

Before you read this note that this was made from a PS2 gamer’s perspective, however I have it under good authority that these things are alike on every platform.

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1. Entrance Pre-Sets

2. Move-Sets
3. Unlock-ables

4. Challenges

5. Cheats

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ROM developer gets cease & desist order

So Jason ‘Termy’ Winstanley over at AndroidSPIN recently reported in his post Google hits yet another leading Android Developer… that eugene373 has been hit with one of those dreaded C&D letters. This is the second C&D letter given to a ROM Developer (The first being the well documented Cyanogen case).

Now where this (if anything) dents the whole Android community.

However I do see where Google is coming from, in fact before i say my piece here is the letter sent to Eugene373 with thanks to the guys at AndroidSPIN and PasteBIN Continue reading