Tip: Using Audio In Facebook Messages

Messing with Facebook & Facebook Messenger on my beloved Android I was unaware of a feature that I personally feel was silently implemented in an update & it wasn’t till I saw a good mate of mine using the feature that I knew it even existed.

I of course am talking about the ability to record a brief message to send to your friends through Facebook Messenger. Perfect for those who just don’t feel like typing out that kinda long message you have brewing in your mind.

Upon using this new found feature the most common reply to friends hearing my voice was “How’d ya do that?” or in some cases “WTF…OMG…HWD U D0 D@?!” so allow me to explain step by step & I will make it as easy as I can!

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ROM developer gets cease & desist order

So Jason ‘Termy’ Winstanley over at AndroidSPIN recently reported in his post Google hits yet another leading Android Developer… that eugene373 has been hit with one of those dreaded C&D letters. This is the second C&D letter given to a ROM Developer (The first being the well documented Cyanogen case).

Now where this (if anything) dents the whole Android community.

However I do see where Google is coming from, in fact before i say my piece here is the letter sent to Eugene373 with thanks to the guys at AndroidSPIN and PasteBIN Continue reading

Nexus One Specs & Info

Phone Specifications (As Stated By Engadget)

– 0.45 inches thick
– 3.7-inch OLED touch screen
– Qualcomm’s 1GHz QSD 8250 “Snapdragon” processor (RUMOR)
– 512 MB RAM
– 512 MB ROM
– 4 GB microSD card included (expandable to 32 GB).

Camera Specifications

– 5-megapixel sensor
– Mechanical auto focus
– LED flash
– Could also include 2x optical zoom however this wasn’t mentioned in a hands-on report from Gizmodo.

Other Goodies

– Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth
– Accelerometers
– A Compass

The Interface

The Android 2.1 interface really different from Android 2.0, but it looks smooth.


A hands-on report from Gizmodo noted that the phone is considerably faster than the Droid, and even beat the iPhone in multiple web page loading tests.

The screen is also noticeably better than that of the Droid, despite being the same size and resolution (this could be the rumored 1 GHz processor at work).

Multi-touch however was not evident in the browser or map.

The Cost

In addition to the usual carrier subsidy route, Google will sell the Nexus One unlocked and unsubsidized (Rumored to be around $500-$550USD).


App Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2) Winners

The Android App Developers Challenge 2 (ACD2) winners were announced earlier today.

A big congratulations to all developers and although you may not of won or got into round 2 or even entered, I and I’m sure most Android users respect most Developers for their work and hope to see more great apps coming to Android soon.

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