Twidroid Leaks 2.7.5 Release Notes

In what I can only think of as a hype building scheme the developers of the extremely popular twitter application “Twidroid” have “leaked” the 2.7.5 version release notes.

Here is what to expect

TBA (ca. 09-11-17) / 2.7.5:

– new: all interface items are now rendered in high-resolution on devices such as the motorola DROID
– new: visual indicator for new DMs & replies in the menu bar new: unified progress bar for reload and load-more
– new: google maps view on user profiles [probably]
– new: report spam functionality [probably]
– new: auto wi-fi wakeup for notifications during long Idle time
– PRO: fix for widget display issues on android 2.0 firmware
– PRO: app icon now dark blue instead of gray
– PRO: new bistro brown theme

Who likes the sound of this update?