Buzz Deck (Version 0.9.3 BETA)

Richard a member of staff at Mippin (The creator of this app) left a nice comment on the old review of this app telling me its updated so best update my review of it with the new review layout (see if you can spot the wicked new changes, feedback is strongly recommend).


So since last the last review for this app the description is still the same it’s still an awesome hero looking type browser but with a few good tweaks (Mippin were obviously paying attention to my earlier review).


This does still only does one thing and yet it still does it right and in style.

– Provides a massive choice of web-based sites which you can add (called cards) with the ability to add your own

For heavy internet users this is great its like a browser with that Android Hero look I know some love.

Developer’s Website

The Pros

– Notifications For Updates
– UI Wonderful
– All The Basic Options Are Available
– Tons Of Services – Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, MySpace, News And Many More + Now you can add your own custom URL
– Easy To Use
– Toolbar Disappears this allow you to view the full site without the annoying toolbar in the way

The Cons

– To be honest with you I can’t find any now clearly Mippin has been paying attention to my review since the last.

In Summary

I haven’t seen anything like this yet so I can’t compare it but since my last review its a little better.

It’s speed is great, UI is good and I saw a comment on the market for this app saying its just a RSS Reader and to that person I say if it is a RSS Reader its the best one I’ve seen by far but I believe it ain’t it’s more like a stylish browser and I really enjoy using it.

Final Rating (Out Of 5 *s: 1 – Android Fail, 5 – Android Elite)
***** (5 stars)

Direct Download

BuzzDeck Version 0.9.3 BETA Download

My Question To Review Readers (Leave A Comment With Your Answer)

What Cards Are On Your Deck?



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