Beginner’s Guide To Bluetooth File Transfer

Here is the all updated and now (hopefully) an even easier guide for those who may not know exactly how to use Bluetooth File Transfer.

Please Note: Ensure the device is Bluetooth compatible and set to discoverable (refer to phone user manual of your friends device or contact their device provider with your friends device make and model for more info).

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Tip: Using Audio In Facebook Messages

Messing with Facebook & Facebook Messenger on my beloved Android I was unaware of a feature that I personally feel was silently implemented in an update & it wasn’t till I saw a good mate of mine using the feature that I knew it even existed.

I of course am talking about the ability to record a brief message to send to your friends through Facebook Messenger. Perfect for those who just don’t feel like typing out that kinda long message you have brewing in your mind.

Upon using this new found feature the most common reply to friends hearing my voice was “How’d ya do that?” or in some cases “WTF…OMG…HWD U D0 D@?!” so allow me to explain step by step & I will make it as easy as I can!

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App Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2) Winners

The Android App Developers Challenge 2 (ACD2) winners were announced earlier today.

A big congratulations to all developers and although you may not of won or got into round 2 or even entered, I and I’m sure most Android users respect most Developers for their work and hope to see more great apps coming to Android soon.

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Twidroid Leaks 2.7.5 Release Notes

In what I can only think of as a hype building scheme the developers of the extremely popular twitter application “Twidroid” have “leaked” the 2.7.5 version release notes.

Here is what to expect

TBA (ca. 09-11-17) / 2.7.5:

– new: all interface items are now rendered in high-resolution on devices such as the motorola DROID
– new: visual indicator for new DMs & replies in the menu bar new: unified progress bar for reload and load-more
– new: google maps view on user profiles [probably]
– new: report spam functionality [probably]
– new: auto wi-fi wakeup for notifications during long Idle time
– PRO: fix for widget display issues on android 2.0 firmware
– PRO: app icon now dark blue instead of gray
– PRO: new bistro brown theme

Who likes the sound of this update?

Swift (Version 1.0.3)

Swift is a no-nonsense twitter app giving you almost everything a true avid “tweeter” needs without the useless features this giving you more for your data.

It has no pro version, unlike most apps of this nature its full version is free.


– No Advertising
– No Limits

Just an app for using Twitter and for regular Twitter users I recommend this.

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